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In response, ELLIPAL brings a complete and incredibly secure next-generation hardware wallet for all cryptocurrency users. Being the first to provide mobile support and use QR code technology, ELLIPAL allows users to effortlessly but securely transfer, exchange, receive, and manage their cryptocurrency. Since its introduction into the market, ELLIPAL has been sold to more than 30 countries and is favored by users all over the world.
We are on a mission to accelerate the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. While digital assets like Bitcoin have the potential to usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity for humanity, the pace of adoption is contingent entirely on secure and easy interaction with these assets. This pivotal insight led to the groundbreaking research and development of the Bitfi hardware wallet.

Mining has never been easier! Mining Cave supplies and sells various Crypto mining rigs ranging from ASIC and GPU.
CoolWallet S, the world’s first and best cold storage wallet for digital assets. Providing security and convenience for every token holder. 
Next Mining | MyHardwareWallet Cold wallet vendor
MyHardwareWallet have teamed up with the best hardware wallet companies in the world to ensure our customers have access to the greatest level of protection for their crypto holdings.
SecuX | Taiwan Based Blockchain Company | Crypto Hardware Wallet
SecuX | Blockchain Security Company | Taiwan Based and creator of SecuX V20 , W20, and W10.