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OmniStaker the easiest way to stake your coins! On one OmniStaker you can stake up to 3 coins at the same time depending on your coins of choice. The device has been developed with plug and play in mind reducing the burden of configuring your OmniStaker to the least amount of work possible. After initial set up and plugging in the cables you can install your coins of preference with just a few clicks on your computer. Right now the OmniStaker supports 7 proof of stake coins but through software updates more can be added later on. Unlike mining staking doesn’t require a lot of energy and the OmniStaker was designed with low energy costs in mind.


Currently supported coins

  • Redddcoin
  • QTUM
  • PivX
  • Peercoin
  • Neblio
  • CloakCoin
  • Stratis

Inside the box

1x OmniStaker, 1x USB stick, 1x UTP Ethernet cable, 1x Power Adapter.


Internet connection, router with free ethernet port or WiFi.

In some cases depending on your firewall/network settings it might be necessary to connect the OmniStaker to a monitor (HDMI) in order to run the first setup.

Tech specs

SoC: RK3288
CPU: Quad-Core 1.8 GHZ
Networking: Ethernet & WiFi
Storage: 32gb microSD